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10 Ways to Live a Happier Life

It's so easy to get caught up in the monotony of every day life - work, sleep, eat, repeat.

But what if you could be happier and healthier? What if there was more to live than just getting by?

Today, I'm sharing 10 ways to live a happier life - it doesn't have to be a struggle!

1. Smile at Strangers

You never know who's day you may make.

2. Say "Thank You" at the Start of Each Morning

Too often we take the day for granted. Stop for a brief second and recite this simple prayer:

God, I offer you every thought, word, and action of today. Please bless me my God, and make me good today.

3. Eat Breakfast that is PFC Balanced

At breakfast, make sure to get some protein, fat, and carbs (not just one or the other!). This will ensure stable blood sugars throughout the morning up until lunch time. Try eggs or plain, full fat yogurt for your protein, avocado or nuts for your fat, and veggies or fruit for your carbs!

4. Open the Windows

Don't keep it so dark in your house or office! Open the windows, get some sunshine and real, natural light! It will help your mood like no pill can.

5. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Take 5 minutes in the morning or evening to write down 3 things you are thankful for in that moment. This will change your life.

6. Let Go of Control

Let go and let God. You can't control the world. You can't control other people. The sooner you realize and accept this, the better and happier you will be!

7. Learn to Say "No"

Learn to say no to the things, events, or activities that don't make you happy or that drain you. I promise it won't be the end of the world!

8. Go for a Walk in Nature

Taking even a 5 minute walk outside without any distractions, music, or noise will help clear your mind and heart.

9. Sleep More

Prioritize sleep every single night. It is critical to your health, happiness, and longevity!

10. Do Exercise That You Enjoy

Don't force yourself to do hours of cardio if you don't like it. Find some form of exercise you enjoy, and stick with it!

Living a happier life doesn't have to be complicated. Be thankful for each day and each opportunity. Be grateful to your friends and family. Let go of control, and let the world be as it may. You can't control the world, but you can control how you respond to it. Why shouldn't it be with happiness?

xoxo Olivia

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