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Honor Your Boundaries and Limits

It's seems like we never go a day without a full schedule. Busy, busy, busy - that's how we feel we must live our lives.

But what about your boundaries and limits? Where do you draw the line? When do you say no?

Healthy, happy people know and honor their limits. They know when to say no. They understand that their pursuit of happiness is neither non-negotiable nor selfish.

Your pursuit of happiness is neither non-negotiable nor selfish.

If we choose not to set boundaries in our lives (and stick to them!), we find ourselves being pulled apart with no real sense of direction. Your job, finances, relationships...any of these factors could be pushing your limits, causing you to compromise your values, and live in misery.

However, when we set our limits and priorities and hold firmly to them, we find ourselves happier and healthier. We have more energy, we have a bounce in our step, and we start experiencing who we are truly meant to be and how we are really meant to feel.

But, then there begs the questions - where and how do we establish boundaries?

First, check in with yourself - what do you like to do? What truly makes you happy? Write down a list of things that you love to do. How many of these items to do actually do every day? Every week? Every month?

Second, ground yourself and start to formulate a plan inside your mind. Take the list of things you like to do. Where could more of those items fit into your life?

Third, notice the people and tasks that drain you. What can change? Or, better yet, how can you change your reaction to the situation or people? Often, we think, "If it weren't for him, or if I made more money at work, I would be so much happier!" Would you really be happier? Or would you be your same old self in a different situation? What will make you happy comes from changing what's inside - what you can control.

Fourth, make the commitment and intention to yourself to change for the better. Write out and establish five boundaries for yourself. Honor these boundaries. Don't compromise on them.

And lastly, become limitless.

It is when we choose to set limits and boundaries that we truly become liberated in our life, health, and happiness.

Inspired to set boundaries, but unsure what boundaries or limits really are? Here are a few examples:

I prioritize sleep each night by going to bed by 10pm.

I will choose not to buy processed junk food, and instead fill my cabinets with healthier choices.

I will not let my coworkers continue to berate me at work. I will express to them how much it really hurts me.

I will say no to my children and not feel guilty.

I will not go to events where I know I will feel pressured to do things I'm not comfortable with.

I won't miss a Sunday Mass, even if I'm traveling.

Remember, setting boundaries isn't about feeling guilty or shameful - it's about empowering yourself, listening to your body, and learning to become your happiest self!

xoxo Olivia

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