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3 Steps to a Healthier, Happier Fall

The weather is changing, and fall is now upon us! It's a beautiful time of the year when nature is given a chance to show it's true beauty. But, fall is also a great time for your health to show it's true beauty as well. Clear out your fridge, closets, and life, and feel the effects of a transformational fall season.

Today, I'm sharing with you 3 steps to create a healthy, happy, joyous fall for you, your family, and your home:

1. Clean Out Your Closet

What clothes are still lurking in your closet unworn for a few years? What clothes no longer fit or make you feel your best? Get rid of them!

When we keep things that tie us to our past when we were thinner, younger, _______ (fill in the blank there!), we hold onto our former selves. By shedding the old clothes and our old "skin," we can fully embrace who we are today! Plus, all of those clothes are unnecessary clutter - clear out your closet, and clear out your mind at the same time.

2. Clean Out Your Fridge

Summer is over, and it's time to clear out your fridge of all the expired condiments, frozen popsicles, and other unmentionables in the back of the fridge (probably stuck to the shelf too...). Take everything out, discard what is old or unnecessary, scrub the shelves and the drawers, and refill it with all the good foods of fall!

Now's the time to clear out the fridge of all of your low-fat/fat-free products (salad dressings, yogurt, cheese sticks, etc), margarine, soy sauce, and other packaged, processed foods and condiments. Fill your fridge with greens, veggies, salmon, fruits, and avocados. Your body will thank you!

3. Clean Out Your Mind

Take the time each night to write down your goals and 3 things you are grateful in that particular moment. Write down anything you need to complete the next day, as well as any worries that are weighing on your mind. Write it all down - leave nothing out! Then, close your eyes and relax your mind - you can fall asleep reassured that you have completed your day, and that tomorrow will be waiting for you in the morning - after a good night's sleep!

Bonus Tip:

Clean out your home - spring cleaning isn't just for spring! Take the time to go through a few closets. Toss the crap, and keep only what you really, truly use and need! A clutter free home leads to a clutter free mind, and a healthier you!

Cheers to a happy, healthy fall!

xoxo Olivia

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