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The #1 Thing Holding Yourself Back from Living Your Best Self

A catchy title, right? So what is it? What is the #1 thing holding you back in life?


You are the #1 thing holding yourself back.

What screws us up in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be.

When we allow our limited minds take control of our lives, we succumb to societal views that have been pounded into our minds for years.

Eat less, exercise more.

Be skinny and you'll be happy.

Stand up straight, look pretty, and be perfect.

Eat 1200 calories or less to be your best self.

Never eat fat - ever.

And where do these thoughts leave us?




But, when we choose to embrace our unique selves, push aside all notions of how things "should be," and live the life you want to live, we become our happiest selves. We become our healthiest selves. We become our best selves.

Choose to not be perfect. Choose to embrace who you truly are. Choose to live your best life - today.

xoxo Olivia

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