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3 Ways to Stress Less

We all know that we stress too much - we are constantly told this every day! I've talked about how devastating stress can be on our health numerous times on the blog as well. Today, I hope to help calm all of our rising stress levels with 3 simple tips to alleviate stress and start living a fuller, happier life!

1. Start a gratitude journal

Head to the dollar store (Dollar Tree is my fav!) and grab a notebook or journal that can become a gratitude journal. Each morning or night (whichever works best for you) write down 3-5 things that you are grateful for in that moment. It could be small (it's sunny outside!) or bigger (I got a promotion at work!). Either way, taking the time to acknowledge what you are grateful for, even the smallest of events, is a great way to stress less. And, as a bonus, if you ever start feeling overwhelmed or depressed, read back through previous entries - a dose of gratitude will never do anyone wrong!

2. Let go of the little things

Yes, we all would love it if life went our way every day, but we all know the truth: we aren't in control, God is. So, start letting go of the little things that are dragging you down and nagging on your mind day after day. Maybe it's a comment someone said to you, maybe it's a grudge you've been holding onto for years. Take a deep breath in, recognize and acknowledge that you can't change the situation, and move on.

3. Get outside

During these summer months, it is crucial that we all take the opportunity to top off our Vitamin D stores to help carry us through the winter. Vitamin D is amazing, helping keep our bodies functioning optimally. Without that dose of sunshine in our lives, even if it through a window at work, we start to get "weird." You all know the feeling - that depression that sinks in during the winter when the sun isn't around much. By getting outside for a bit of time each day this summer, we can help our bodies and minds! Plus, going to a park or place with amazing natural views is an instant destresser!

xoxo Olivia

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