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You Are Enough

Know who you are and know it’s enough.

So often we undervalue all that we contribute to the world, whether it be through our career, relationships, and other areas. We see the value in other’s work, but fail to notice it in our own life.

Think about this: do you constantly think or even speak out loud thoughts that undervalue your work?

I know that I am a chronic under-valuer (is that a word? Well, I guess I just made it one!). Often, I overlook all that I have achieved and accomplish in my daily life and work. I always find it fascinating when someone that I’ve met once or barely even know remembers me and my name. I tend to think of myself as not memorable, which is something I’m working on fixing.

Moreover, I tend to need external validation for the work I’m doing. When someone tells me “Good job” or “I liked the way you did this,” that helps me take a step back and look at my work with a different lens and see its value.

However, it wasn’t until recently that I realized that I have the tendency to under-value myself. This past year or so, as I’ve been doing a lot of self-discovery reading and spending time thinking about my future, which has opened my eyes to see my qualities and how I am perceived by others. This process of self-discovery is so insightful, and I seem to learn something new every day!

But, back to the topic of undervaluing yourself. When you fail to see your value, you communicate at to others. Now, this may not be a verbal communication, but it will show through in your words, actions, and performance at work. And you can’t tell me that this is a good thing – that negative energy and constant nitpicking of yourself will definitely not make you a better person.

Rather, recognizing the unique contributions that we contribute to the world will help us continue to better ourselves, grow, and know that we are enough.

Because if you don’t value yourself, who will?

xoxo Olivia

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