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Fitness Friday

Happy Friday everyone! It's finally starting to feel like summer around here with the gorgeous weather and sunshine!

That being said, I think it's about time that we all take our workout outside a couple of times this summer. It is the perfect time to catch some Vitamin D and boost your endorphins!

For this Summer Sunshine Workout, you will need to find a tall step or park bench outside to perform the movements. Complete the entire circuit 3-5 times, resting 1-2 minutes in between rounds.

Movement How-Tos:

Bench Step-Ups: Step up onto the bench with your right foot, putting all of your weight in your right heel and rising up to the top of the step so that both feet on are the step. Reverse the movement, starting with your right leg, landing with both feet on the ground. Repeat, completing 10 reps per side.

Incline Push-Ups: Place your hands on the bench so they are elevated and about shoulder-width apart; perform a push-up, bringing your chest down to the bench edge and keeping your entire body in a straight line (no butts in the air!). Push yourself back up to an incline plank position and repeat. Drop to your knees if needed.

Elevated Lunges: Stand with your back to the bench and place your right foot up on the bench. Hop your left food a bout 1-3 feet away. Lunge down, bringing your right knee down, and bending your left leg, aiming to get your leg thigh parallel to the ground. Keep your chest tall the entire time, and place your hands on your hips for support. Rise and repeat. Switch sides.

Tricep Dips: Sit on the ground with your back to the bench. Place your palms on the bench, fingers pointing forward. Rise up and bend your elbows up and down, pushing through your hands to raise and lower your body. You should feel this in the back of your arms, not in your lower body!

Ab Rows: Sit on the edge of the bench or step. Balancing on the edge, bring your knees up to your chest, arms wrapped around them. Push your legs out straight and bring your hands out to the sides, keeping your core tight and engaged. Row your legs back in to complete 1 rep.

Incline Plank Jacks: Place your hands on the edge of the bench and bring your body up into a straight line from head to toe. Jump your feet out to the sides and back in for one rep, keeping your body in a straight line, arms straight, and core tight.

Sounds fun, right? Give this workout a try out in the gorgeous sunshine - just make sure you keep some water nearby!

This week, I taught my first group fitness classes at Prairie Life Fitness, where I will also be a personal trainer and health coach starting June 20th. I loved the opportunity to sub for two classes on Wednesday evening to help me get a feel for the environment and atmosphere. It was so great! It made me even more excited for June 20th to be here! I'm also set to sub four classes this weekend as well - hopefully I can start getting my face and name out around the facility and grab some potential clients for the future.

Otherwise, this week I spent working on the blog, lifting, walking outside in the sunshine, and watching HGTV. I may have a slight addiction to HGTV right now, and I'm not being the least bit funny. I seriously have that channel on all day, every day - something about watching the amazing house transformations makes me so excited to someday have a house of my own (although that is a ways away!).

My favorite show is House Hunters. I love seeing houses from all over the country at all different price ranges. The other night I watched a couple with a $2 million budget in Texas. Let me tell you - those houses were amazing! And honestly, I wasn't the least bit wishful or jealous for those houses - it would be too much to handle in my opinion! Who needs 6-7 bedrooms, and 5+ bathrooms to clean? Not me!

Do you love HGTV? What is your favorite show? Let me know in the comment section below!

Have a great weekend!

xoxo Olivia

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