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Actions --> Outcomes

I always find it so interesting how often people can talk all about their goals, dreams, and hopes for their life, but when it comes down to making that talk a reality, it all falls apart.

We talk about how we are going to start eating healthy on Monday, or how this summer is the summer we will finally stick with exercise, but do these statements ever come to fruition?

To reach those outcomes that we desire, like to eat healthy or exercise more often, we need to become more action-oriented.

Actions lead to outcomes. Therefore, in order to reach our desired health or life destination, we need to start with simple action steps that propel us forward and get us started on our journey.

For someone looking to eat healthier, this may mean that every time you are at the grocery store, you purchase some sort of a vegetable or fruit to try for the week. Or, for someone looking to exercise more regularly, this may entail you packing your gym clothes the night before and enlisting a buddy to come along with you to the gym or on a walk with you some evening.

Whatever the action, just know that it is getting you one step closer to your desired outcome. And when we focus on completing just one action per day, we inch our way closer towards reaching our goals.

This week and moving forward, take an objective look at your goals: what do you want to do with your life in the next month, year, or even decade?

Once you have your goal (or goals) narrowed down, come up with a list of simple action steps that will get you there. Save that list and place it somewhere where you will see it often.

Then, the next part is easy - get after it!

If you find that you are having trouble discovering your action steps or even formulating your goals, reach out to me - that's what I'm here for. As a fitness professional and soon-to-be health coach, it is my job and my duty to help you out in any way that I can!

xoxo Olivia

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