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Fitness Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

Do you like my picture for this week? Not fitness related, but I wouldn't pass up that flower image! It makes me happy for spring and summer!

This week was such a wonderful week. The weather was gorgeous on Sunday and Monday, so I could take a nice long, relaxing walk both days. Plus, I reached the halfway point in my health coaching program! That means a ton of business tools opened up for me to start utilizing. I cannot wait to keep working towards becoming a health coach with established clients and workshops and programs. And, with my recent personal training certification, my idea list keeps growing!

This week for Fitness Friday, I wanted to talk about the importance of core stability and strength. Speaking from the point of someone who has somewhat poor core stability, I need this information as much as many of you!

When it comes to our core, most people think of their stomach. However, our core is composed of so much more, including our low back, glutes, and transverse abdominals. So, in order to properly trained and build strength in our core, we need to make sure that we have a well-rounded approach - meaning that thousands of crunches are going to get you nowhere.

But, what will get you strength and stability is a total approach to core work, which is where I am here to help! Below is a workout designed to help increase your core stability by targeting all of the muscle groups that make up your core. Give it a try a few times this week - it won't take you long, and keep doing it consistently. I promise that you will notice a difference in your posture and core strength!

Need some "how-tos" for a couple of the movements? No worries - I got you covered!

Bird Dog: Start on your hands and knees in tabletop position. Engage your core by bringing you belly button in towards your back. Reach your right arm straight out in front of you while extending your left leg out behind you, trying to get as much length between your fingertips and toes. Hold for the duration of time. On the next round, switch your lead arm and leg. See this video for more information!

Plank: Start on your hands and knees for a beginner, hands and toes for intermediate, and forearms and toes for advanced levels. Hold yourself up in this position, aligning your body into a straight line from head to toe. Make sure to keep your butt down, core engaged, and glutes squeezed. Here is a great video about proper form.

Side Plank: Start laying on one side. Push yourself up onto your hand or forearm, supporting yourself as you stack your feet together. You can also rest your knees on the ground if needed. Hold this position for the time duration, keeping your core tight and glutes engaged as well. See this video for proper form.

Supermans: Start on your stomach. Extend your arms out in front of your. Raise and lower your legs and arms, feeling a squeeze in your lower back. See this video for more information.

Bicycles: Start on your back. Place your hands behind your head and bring your legs up, knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Bring your right elbow up, pulling with your core not your hands to reach your left knee, extending your right leg out straight. Repeat on the other side. Make sure to initiate the movement from your core - don't tug on your neck!

Russian Twists: Sit on the ground with your knees bent. Lean back as far as feels comfortable, engage your core, and lift your legs off the ground slightly (if desired). Twist side to side, reaching your arms to either side of your hips.

Glute Bridges: Lay on the ground with your knees bent, feet flat. Squeeze your glutes and raise your hips to the ceiling. Lower and repeat.

There you have it - a quick and simple core workout that will help build strength, stability, and improve your posture, something we all need in our lives!

xoxo Olivia

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