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Doubts and Dreams

How many times have you started something, just to stop because you doubt your ability to see it through?

Or have you ever allowed yourself to dream about the life you’ve always wanted, just to cut your mind off sharply because you think you’ll fail?

So often we let ourselves start to dream, but then cut ourselves off quickly, telling ourselves that we aren’t good or smart enough and that we will never get there (wherever “there” is for you).

However, this kind of thinking doesn’t help us at all. The negativity and self-doubt about ourselves hinders us from reaching our full potential. We never truly are able to experience life as we are meant to.

Instead, we kill our hope and dreams. We kill that little person inside ourselves that has creative ideas and dreams, and we never allow her to come back.

Are we simply scared about what will happen if our dreams do come true?

Do we fear the judgment of others and seek their approval of our dreams?

When we go down this spiraling hole, it is hard to get back up. By letting our fear of judgement and failure control our lives, we are held short in life. All of the truly successful people will tell you that they have experienced judgment and failure. But, they will also say that it made them stronger and more capable.

Think about your dreams, and then consider the doubt you have surrounding those dreams. Write them down if you need to – make them concrete. Where is this doubt stemming from? Is it fear of failure or judgment or self-doubt? If so, push that negativity aside. No one is exactly like you, and you were put in this world by God for a specific purpose: to follow God’s will and pursue your passions along the way.

Embrace your dreams. Embrace your creativity. Embrace being truly you.

Xoxo Olivia

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