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How Are We Designed to Feel?

How are you truly meant to feel?

Think about it - we are conditioned to accept the "norms" in our lives - headaches, fatique, raging hungry, mood swings. The list goes on and on.

But what if I told you that our bodies aren't meant to feel crappy, tired, or lethargic? What if we weren't meant to have that mid-afternoon slump?

Truly, our bodies aren't meant to feel this way every day, so why do they feel fatigued?

Simply put, it has become our new normal. Over time, our bodies have become somewhat accustomed to less nutrition, less sleep, and more stress. Our bodies slowly break down, which we see in the manifestation of symptoms like fatigue or mood swings.

We forget what it is like to feel healthy and well every single day!

Now, before you panic, don't worry - there is hope! We can get back to feeling healthy, strong, and well. But, like all things, it takes change. We can't expect to keep doing the same things that we are currently do and see new results. That simply makes no sense.

However, we can start to feel better and get back to normal by implementing small steps every day in order to get our health back on track.

Of course, three of the most important aspects of this involve sleep, nutrition, and exercise.

First up, we need to start sleeping more at night. There are no excuses. Set your alarm in for the morning and count back at least 8-9 hours. That is your bed time. Stick to it and be firm. Yes, it will be hard a first for some people, but with time and a consistent bedtime routine, you will start to feel better with increased sleep. You may even find yourself more productive during the day, allowing yourself more time at night to get ready for bed!

Second, we must be eating real food, especially vegetables. Cut out the processed garbage and head to the produce section of your grocery store. That is the true pharmacy of health! Look at all the colors and varieties and options. There is something for everyone! Don't have any idea what to make with all the produce? No worries - Pinterest or Google have your back there. Simply search "real food asparagus recipes" or "paleo brussel sprout recipes" and pick your favorite one to try!

Lastly, we need to start moving, even if it is just for 10 minutes each day. Stand up from your computer at work every hour on the hour and do 1 minute of activity (squats, walking in place, pushups, etc). Take a walk over your lunch hour and reconnect with nature. Look up a simple at home workout on my blog or on YouTube. The possibilites are endless!

There you have it - you can begin to feel as you were meant to feel, healthy and strong. All it takes is a little extra time spent on nourishing yourself through real food, sleep, and physical activity. Fatigue and mood swings don't have to be your normal. You have the power to change it.

xoxo Olivia

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