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Fitness Friday

Happy Friday!

This week, I’ve got a workout for you, and I’m also offering a peek inside my “gym” bag (if you could call it that; it’s a pretty nontraditional gym bag, as you will soon find out).

Workout of the Week

For the workout this week, all you will need is a flight of stairs. The number of stairs is up to you - the more stairs, the harder it will be!

Here's the details: Perform 25 squats, then immediately run up and down the stairs twice (give or take, depending on your staircase length). Then, do your 25 push-ups and run up and down the stairs twice again. Continue the pattern, finishing with the 25 burpees and sprint up and down the stairs. Rest 1 minute and repeat up to 5 times (or more if you're feeling adventurous!).

A Peek Inside My Gym Bag + What You Should Have in Yours

My “gym” bag is actually a black and white striped bag that I got at the National Bridal Market in Chicago that says “Allure Bridals” on the front. Hilarious, I know, but it’s a nice bag, and I didn’t want to just let it sit in my closet! Anyway, it works for me right now, so I’m sticking with it!

Alright, enough talk – what do I actually carry with me?

First up, I always have my headphones. They are white and old, but they do the job! I like to listen to podcasts during my workouts, so headphones are a must.

Second, I have a mic pack holder that I use when I teach fitness classes and when I’m lifting weights. I wear it around my waist like a fanny pack and it holds my phone. I kind of feel like a dork wearing it sometimes, but honestly, if I wear it with confidence, what difference does it make?! I used to use an armband to hold my phone, but it would always get in the way. So mic fanny pack it is!

Also in my bag is a mini floral bag of hair supplies, namely bobby pins and pony tails. I have a lot of long hair, and I can’t have it in my face when I workout. Those bobby pins are life savers!

My old iPhone 4S is also floating around in my gym bag. I use it as a timer when I teach classes, since my phone is usually plugged into the stereo, playing music.

Something odd, but super fun that I have in my bag is a Slingshot resistance band. It is a circular band that you can put around your thighs when you are doing various lower body movements. It adds an extra layer of challenge and will kill your legs, but in a good way of course! I like to wear this while I’m doing squats, hip bridges, squat walks, kick backs, the possibilities are endless!

Lastly, it’s a little odd, but I also carry rose water spray in my bag. It is scented by steeping rose petals in the water, and it can be used as a body spray and can be sprayed on your hair. Basically, it’s something I use to make sure I don’t smell like death and don’t get a ton of chemicals sprayed on my body like with traditional perfume sprays.

Okay, so that’s what’s in my bag, but what should you have in yours?

I think the number one item to have in your gym bag is an extra pair of socks. Seriously. You really can’t workout comfortably without socks. It just doesn’t work that way. Trust me, I’ve been there. If you have room, it’s even better to carry an extra set of gym clothes, just in case you forget to pack something!

What else is important? Well headphones, hair supplies, and some sort of deodorant are important yes, but I also encourage you to have an empty water bottle, Band-Aids, and maybe some shower/touch up supplies. You never know when you are going to need to go from the gym to your next event without much time in between!

What do you carry in your gym bag that you couldn’t workout without? Let me know – maybe there’s something missing from my gym bag that needs to be added!

Have a great weekend!

xoxo Olivia

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