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Five Friday Favorites

Wake up everyone, it’s Friday!!

I hope everyone had a great week. Here in Lincoln, we started off the week with a bang with a snow storm that was kind of unpredicted. It started with rain in the morning and by noon, I peered out the window and saw snow. Lots and lots of snow. Needless to say I had a "fun" drive home that afternoon!

This week was a catch up week for my boss and I. After spending most of last week working at Get Rec’d all day, we were able to get back to our routine and start to get a handle on everything that was piling up! Plus, my boss showed me a new, quick way to get from east campus to city campus. To think that I spent three and a half years a UNL and just now discovered this shortcut. How embarrassing...

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to model in a bridal show, and this Sunday, I have another one to attend. The first show was in Columbus, and the second show is in West Point. These shows usually occur in the afternoon and feature a variety of vendors that all offer products or services related to wedding planning. There were photographers, decorators, bridal shops, and so much more. Halfway through the event, there usually is a live fashion show, put on by one or more of the participating bridal shops. For the Columbus show, Roxi's Elegant Bridal (the bridal store I worked at for six years and my mom for twenty) put on the fashion show, and I had the opportunity to model in it. I started modeling in these shows when I was an 8th grader! Needless to say, I look back on those pictures and dresses and cringe! Hello cornflower-blue, two-piece bridesmaid dresses! Anyway, I enjoyed the opportunity to wear gorgeous wedding dresses and spend the day with my mom and best friend.

One last item on my list: this week will be my last Five Friday Favorites for a while. I want to start a new series: Fitness Friday. I feel like my love of fitness has been lacking a bit on the blog lately, so why not dedicate a post to fitness each week!? So, starting with the first Friday in February, Fitness Friday will take over the blog. I will be sharing simple workouts, dispelling fitness myths, and so much more! You better get excited :)

Alright, time for my last Five Friday Favorites (for now…) -

1. My massage and foot spa treatment – On Wednesday, I scheduled a foot treatment and hour long massage. The massage center was running a special, and I wanted to give my body a “treat” after teaching two tough classes on Tuesday. The massages at UNL are so amazing and reasonably priced as well. Hopefully, I can get a few more this semester!

2. The Columbus Bridal Show – I already mentioned this above, so I won’t go into great detail here, but I do really love modeling in the bridal shows. Yes, it is a lot of work for both the store and my mom, who coordinates the show, but the show always comes together in the end! Who wouldn’t love strutting down a runway in a gorgeous wedding dress?!

3. The Healthcare Professional Panel – I attended this panel on Monday evening (I know, I braved the snow!) which featured three healthcare professionals and a friend of mine as the moderator. Basically, the panel discussed how one simple change could make such a huge difference in our lives. Want to guess what that one change was? It involves real food of course! The one simple change is to add more fruits and vegetables to our diet. It was great to be surrounded by real-food advocates like myself who also see the value of eating tons of veggies on a regular basis.

4. My HIIT Kettlebell Class – This past Tuesday, I had ten (yes 10!!) people for my kettlebell class! Now ten people may not seem like a lot, but this class was on East Campus, where classes are not as readily attended. I had a workout similar to last week’s planned, so we copied the Insanity Live format of 30 second intervals and power moves. I was so happy to see a few returning faces, as well as some new girls! I hope that my workout inspires them to come back next week.

5. The Sun – Although this week started off with a snow storm, the rest of the week has been filled with sunshine! It is so refreshing to step outside and have the warmth of the sun hit your skin. It makes me all the more excited for spring and summer.

Anyway, on with my weekend! I will probably head to Crossfit if I feel up to it, and I have another bridal show on Sunday. Do you have any fun plans?

xoxo Olivia

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