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Wednesday Ramblings

I’ve been posting mainly deep and science-orientated blog posts lately, so I thought I would mix it up and just spend this blog post rambling.

Today is Wednesday, January 27th, which means that I have a massage and foot spa treatment scheduled for this afternoon!! And...

I. Can’t. Wait.

I scheduled this appointment for two reasons: firstly, the massage center at UNL is running a 20% off special, and second, because I taught two group fitness classes yesterday, and this is my official rest day. Over the next month, I will be implementing more rest days than workout days each week in order to give my body a break. I’ve been going going going with my workouts for as long as I can remember, so now it’s time to allow my body to relax, recover, and rest. This will be very difficult for me, as I love working out, but I have the rest of my life to workout and don’t want wreck my body when I’m only 22!

Moving on - has anybody been watching “My Diet is Better Than Yours” on ABC on Thursday evenings? I love this show, which is basically a spin-off of “The Biggest Loser.” Here’s the lowdown: there are five participants who each chose a particular diet to follow. The creator of the diet works alongside the respective participant to help them lose weight and regain control of their health contest. At the end of the contest, the participants must run a half marathon and a winner will be chosen based on the percentage of weight lost over the show. If at any point the participant isn’t happy with his or her success on the plan he or she chose, they have the opportunity to switch to a new plan. However, only one plan switch is allowed per contestant for the entirety of the show.

Pretty interesting right? Well it gets better. One of the diets featured on the show is The Wild Diet by Abel James, which is based around real foods (I’ve heard that somewhere before…) and lots of healthy fats. His participant has been in the lead for most of the weigh-ins, and it is so awesome to see that a high fat, real foods-based diet is kicking butt!

The show also featured The cLean Mama Plan, which was followed by a participant for about four weeks before she decided to switch plans. The basis of the plan was to utilize every moment of the day to “task-er-size.” Taskersizing involves making working out "easy" by adding it alongside of activities that are common for moms. Here’s a few examples: lunging while pushing a shopping cart, squatting while making supper, and doing pushups up and down the stairs. Honestly, the idea around taskersizing seems like a great way to add extra movement to your day, but the creator behind the plan took it pretty far. She didn't really have any true workouts or meal plans for the participants, and she was kind of crazy.

Anyway, that show is pretty interesting, and I think I like it better than The Biggest Loser. It shows the participants making small gains each week while implementing a weight loss plan into their lives. However, as with any “diet” we will see how long it lasts. Unless you are truly willing to make a lifestyle change, a diet is just a diet: a temporary fix. P.S. Did I mention that Shawn T, the creator of Insanity and P90X, is the host?!

One last thing before I go: did anyone see the complete annihilation of the Arizona Cardinals by the Carolina Panthers this past Sunday?? I love football and all, but I was really hoping for a tight game! I guess maybe the Panthers are the real deal?? We will find out in less than two weeks at Super Bowl 50. Also, they quit numbering the Super Bowls by Roman numerals. Honestly, I think it was because nobody knows what those stand for anymore. I mean, we discussed them in grade school, but who remembers that?!

Alright, on with my Wednesday: work, massage, and rest. Tough life, I know. What’s on your agenda for this hump day? Did you enjoy my ramblings?

xoxo Olivia

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