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Five Friday Favorites

Another week in the New Year has come and gone. We’ve almost reached February! Crazy, I know. (I think I say this every week!)

My parents came down to visit me this past weekend, which was exciting. My dad hadn't been in my new apartment yet, so he enjoyed exploring and taking care of anything that needed to be fixed! We ran a few errands, filled up my car with gas (thanks dad!), attended a women's basketball game, watched the Packer football game, headed to Mass on Sunday morning at the Newman Center, and topped off the weekend with a Sunday lunch at Flatwater in downtown Lincoln. Hopefully they come back soon!

I also had a ton of events and work to keep me busy for the week. I taught my regular two classes on Tuesday and one class on Thursday, but in addition, I also had the academic class that I’m helping teaching this semester start on Wednesday. This is the class that prepares participants to become group fitness instructors (I took it last semester!). I will be teaching a few of the classes during the twelve week course, as well as taking attendance and grading quizzes. I’m excited to get to know the students who are considering becoming fitness instructors. I’m happy to share any insights or advice, as I was in their shoes just a few short months ago!

Thursday and Friday, I helped at Get Rec’d, which is basically a glorified freebie adventure land that happens at our recreation center. There were a ton of vendors, games, and freebies. Even though I’m not a student any more, I still helped myself to a few freebies. Hey, I’m still a part of the University, so no shame there!

One last thing before we move on to my favorites for the week: have you signed up for my newsletter yet?? I’m trying to send out a newsletter weekly that sums up all the activity for the week here at Nourish &Thrive, and will have subscriber exclusive content in the newsletter in the future! You can sign up via the box on the right hand corner on my home page. With the newsletter, you can also reply directly to me and forward the email onto any of your friends who may find it useful!

Alright, onto my Five Friday Favorites:

  1. Crossfit – This seems to make it onto my list every week! Oh well, this week I really mean it. We had a killer workout Saturday morning: 1 minute of each move then 1 minute rest at the end, repeated three times. The movements were as followed: wall balls, sumo deadlift high pulls with a kettlebell, box jumps/step ups, push press, and ride on the assault bike. Let me tell you, they named that bike correctly: it’s not an ordinary exercise bike! This was by far the most challenging open/free Crossfit workout I’ve been a part of yet, and it was amazing!

  2. Husker women’s basketball game – My parents came down for the weekend, and we went to the women’s basketball game on Saturday evening. We had seats two rows up from the bottom, and we picked a wonderful game to go to. We played Rutgers (I know, but stay with me here!) and it was a tight, close game. Rutgers has a ton of tall, big players that were a challenge for us to defend. In the end, after not leading the entire game, we took the lead in the fourth quarter and pulled out a win! Plus, we sat in front of some "animated" Rutgers fans. It was pretty hilarious to listen to them the entire game.

  3. The Packers - Cardinals football game – After the Husker game, my parents and I came back to my apartment to watch the Packers take on the Arizona Cardinals. If you saw that game, then you know why it made my favorites list. Regulation ended with a Hail Mary pass that was caught for a touchdown by the Packers. Overtime ensued, but on the second play, Arizona scored, effectively ending the game. That was a bummer, but the overall game was crazy and one that I’ll remember for a long time.

  4. My Facebook page - If you haven't liked the Nourish & Thrive Facebook page, you can do so here: Nourish&Thrive. I'm hoping to post most of the blog posts to the page, as well as share interesting articles and insights throughout the week. Check it out and send me some likes!

  5. Insanity Live - Last week, I talked about how much I loved the Insanity Live demo that was at our staff training meeting. This week, I incorporated the format (30 second intervals for four moves with a 30 second rest, repeated three times followed by a one minute power move) into my HIIT Kettlebell class on Tuesday evening. It was a huge success, and it was so much fun! I loved the quick intervals that allowed me to schedule a variety of movements, but still offered my participants a great workout. I will definitely be using this format in the future for more of my classes!

Okay, I'm finished with my favorites for the week. How was your week? Anything awesome happen in your life? Any new inspirations catch you this week? Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo Olivia

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