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Five Friday Favorites

Whew, what a week! Friday came fast, that's for sure.

This week, I savored the final college football game of the season (and watched the team I was rooting for lose in the process...), taught my group fitness classes, and finally started to get into a routine with the start of UNL's spring semester. I can't even explain to you how wonderful it felt to NOT be back in academic classes (group fitness classes are another story!). That must mean that I was truly ready to graduate??? I guess only time will tell!

This weekend, I plan to hit up another free Crossfit workout on Saturday morning, then spend the rest of my Saturday grocery shopping (my fav), meal prepping for my lunches during the week, and watching football! Since the football season has less than month left, I have to savor every last game before its gone, and I'm forced to watch basketball (ew...).

What are your plans? Any big adventures planned? How are you 2016 goals going so far? Can you believe we are halfway through January?!? Crazy I know!

Okay, on with my Five Friday Favorites:

1. Crossfit - Last Saturday, we had a super fun team workout that was unique and interesting. In teams of six, you completed the following movements in order: Row 500 meters, hand-release pushups, situps, squats, lunges, and ring rows. As a team, you had to reach a total of 300 pushups, 300 situps, 500 squats, 300 lunges, and 200 ring rows. Each person on the team picked a station and started performing the exercise. You moved onto the next station and picked up on the reps where the previous person left off ONLY when the person on the rowing machine reached 500 meters. I had never used the rower before, and I definitely liked the machine! Our team finished in just under 20 minutes. It was a challenging workout format that I will definitely try to incorporate into my own fitness classes at a lower degree (less counting!).

2. Insanity! - On Sunday, I had Group Fitness Instructor Staff Training. During that time, we discussed our goals and plans for the upcoming semester, and we had a few exercise class demos during the session. One of the demos was Insanity Live, which is similar to the at-home version of the workout, but different in the fact that it is taught live by a group fitness instructor. The format, music, and exercise moves were awesome, and I loved every minute of it! We may be bringing Insanity Live to the Campus Rec as a group fitness class, but even if we don't, I still will probably get certified so that I can teach Insanity Live elsewhere. The workout was pretty straightforward: warmup, block #1 (mostly high-intensity cardio moves), block #2 (mostly strength moves), and a cool down. The blocks were made up of four moves completed for 30 seconds apiece with a 30 second rest, repeated 3 times, ending with a one minute final power move. In a true Insanity Live class, there are a few more sections, but we did a streamlined version for staff training. Either way, it was still an awesome workout, and I can't wait for more!

3. Teaching group fitness classes - This week, I officially taught my first three fitness classes of the spring semester! This week was free week, so I had a good number of participants and blast teaching! It was so wonderful to meet all the new participants and get my adrenaline pumping! I can't wait for the rest of the semester! (P.S. How many times has this made my favorites list???!)

4. College Football - Monday night marked the last college football game of the season: The National Championship Game between Clemson and Alabama. Truly, I wanted both teams to lose, but if I had to choose, I guess I wanted Alabama to lose more :) But, alas, Alabama won the game, and now college football season is over until August, which is just beyond depressing...

5. Victoria's Secret - Last weekend, VS ran a huge sale: buy a sports bra, get a pair of sports pants FREE! I had never bought any of the VS sports apparel, but I decided to go check it out. I bought a $34.50 sports bra and got a $59.50 pair of black capri leggings free! Plus, I used a Visa gift card I got for Christmas, so literally, it cost me nothing. I love the leggings; they are highwaisted, the right length (mid calf, NOT right under the knee, which is super annoying to me), and super comfy. I'll be sporting them a lot this week :)

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be back Monday with another post!

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