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Five Friday Favorites

Welcome back to another installment of Five Friday Favorites! Christmas and the holiday season are over and the New Year is here, meaning it’s time to get back into routine.

Speaking of routine, I officially started my new job as Group Fitness Manager this week, and I will start teaching Group Fitness classes next week when UNL starts the spring semester. I’m excited to start teaching and already have my classes planned!

Did you have a good holiday season? Can you believe it's January?!? Neither can I; 2015 flew by so quickly!

Okay, now onto the main attraction, Five Friday Favorites:

  1. My new apartment – I officially moved into my new apartment on Sunday. Before Christmas, my mom and I had moved half of my things into the apartment, but on Sunday, I had to bring back the rest by myself. There was so much! My car was completely packed to the brim; not another item was going to fit in that car! Luckily, my roommate helped me unload, and I spent most of Sunday unpacking and getting settled into my new apartment.

  2. My new mattress – Let me explain quickly – I have been sleeping on a 35+ year old twin size mattress at home and a dorm mattress for my entire life. Now that I moved into an apartment, my generous parents bought me a true bedroom set (dresser, bed, mattress, and night stand). My mattress is so wonderful and a dream to sleep on! Funny story: when I was shopping for the mattress, the sales lady asked me what kind of mattresses I prefer. I looked at her and said, “Honestly, I’ve slept on either a dorm mattress or 35 year old mattress my entire life, so I really have no idea!” Obviously, I made the right decision.

  3. Garages – Now that I moved into a new apartment, I no longer have the privilege of parking in a parking garage, which has made me appreciate the value of garages! No ice or snow to greet you each morning, like the nice layer of snow that greeted me Monday morning on my first day of work.

  4. The Holiday Season – Although this favorite is from the past few weeks, it still made my list this week. I had a wonderful two week holiday break that I was able to spend with my family and friends. I spent my break sewing a few projects, watching football, and spending time with my family. Needless to say, I enjoyed every minute of it!

  5. Football – I spent a fair part of my break watching football. Most of the games were blowouts, but sprinkled in between were a few close games, including Nebraska's! However, college football bowl season is almost over (it cumulates on Monday with the National Championship Game), which means that my life is basically almost over. I love love love football, and as soon as college football and NFL end, I’ll have to resort to watching basketball, which pretty much sucks. :(

I hope you have an amazing weekend. I plan to go back to Crossfit on Saturday morning (yay!) and have group fitness instructor staff training on Sunday. Super exciting!

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