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What We Know

People change based on how they feel, NOT on what they know.

(Notice how I love starting off blog posts with a thought-provoking quote? They get me every time!

We all know of a few habits we should be doing to be healthier, so what’s holding us back from embracing these habits?

Often times, it’s the fear of change (which I’ve spoken extensively about before).

Other times, we are held back because we “feel fine” and think we don’t need a change. However, once that “feel fine” feeling goes away and becomes an unhealthy feeling, we are forced to face the negative repercussions of our actions.

Sometimes, it takes getting chronically ill in order to make a change. We wait until we really start to feel awful and our health begins to spiral out of control before we are willing to take active steps towards healing.

What if, instead of waiting, we started taking proactive steps, rather than reactionary steps, based on what we know?

For instance, we start taking a high-quality probiotic now so that in six months, our body doesn’t get the common cold everyone else seems to have because our immune system is stronger.

Or, maybe we start strength training now so that in 20 years, we aren’t suffering with osteoporosis and weak, brittle bones because our bones will be stronger.

Maybe we start eating more home-cooked meals so that in 30 years, we aren’t suffering from heart disease from processed trans fats and packaged foods.

As the New Year approaches, this is the perfect time to incorporate any of these changes into your life. Make it your resolution to be willing to change before it's too late!

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