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I officially graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln this past Saturday. I did walk at the ceremony held that morning, and I am so glad that I did!

Although there were 850 other graduates actually receiving their diplomas along with me (out of the 1,200 total), the ceremony was still somewhat personal and enjoyable, save for the guest speaker…

For fun, I decorated my cap with a red N, my name, and 2015. And, after I arrived, I was given a red medal to wear during the ceremony, denoting that I graduated with high honors.

As I look back over my time at UNL, I can definitely say that I have been changed for the better. Although I love to complain and joke about UNL and all of its downfalls (I mean, who doesn't??!), I still had a wonderful college experience. I took some fascinating classes and met several new friends along the way. Even though I will not be working in the fashion industry, which is what my degree is in, the skills I learned through my program will definitely be of assistance to me in my future career.

Although I have my diploma and walked across the stage smiling proudly, it still does not quite feel real yet. The knowledge that I am officially done with college is somewhat abstract; I can’t quite comprehend it yet! And honestly, since I will be working at UNL as the Group Fitness Manager and teaching group fitness classes, it will be like I’m still in college! I’m glad I will have a bit of a “buffer” period as I transition from college student to adult worker.

Last but not least, I’m so grateful that my parents supported me and my choices all throughout my three and a half years at UNL, and I know that I will always have love and support going forward!

I’m excited for this next chapter in my journey, and I can’t wait to get started in the New Year.

P.S. I graduated from UNL without EVER getting a parking ticket. How did that happen?!

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